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TV Wall Mounts

Mounting a TV on your wall may seem like a simple job, but there are plenty of factors that can make it tricky and frustrating if you don’t quite know what you’re doing. Luckily, we have years of experience to ensure a perfect hang to upgrade your look. We’ll help you determine the best wall, angle, and position for your TV, as well as make sure all your cords are concealed and your ports are accessible. Flat screens are made to be hung, and we are here to hang them.

Audio & Video

Our goal is to design a home video and audio system that works for you. From whole home audio systems to single room systems, we design custom solutions that fit your needs. Audio integration makes it easy for you to control everything from a phone or tablet, anywhere in your home. We use the latest technology and your home’s WiFi to build a personalized system. With options for indoor and outdoor setups, including patio speakers, surround sound, and intercoms, as well as zone control, we’re confident that we can help you create the system that is perfect for your home.

Smart Home Systems

Any home can be a smart home. With customized automation, we can make your home smarter, no matter the size or age. Common smart home features make it easy to control lighting, sound, temperature, security, and more, all at the touch of a button. You’ll save time and money with a smart home system from city AV.

Surveillance Systems

Security is always a top priority. Our camera surveillance systems are easy and convenient to use, providing you with peace of mind all day, every day. We work with you to design a custom surveillance system perfect for you and your family, using the latest technology available. You will have access to live footage of your home and yard right from your cell phone, ensuring round the clock protection. We also sync the video surveillance systems to a monitoring service of your choosing, alerting authorities in case of emergency. Keep your family safe.

High Speed Networks

Reliable internet is vital to have an uninterrupted audiovisual system these days. Most of the latest audio visual technology runs off your home’s WiFi for convenience, which means you need reliability. Our team will help you choose and install the best internet service for your home, and set it up to fully support your audiovisual needs. For more advanced systems, such as homes with top-level home theaters, we will help you organize all your wired technology with AV equipment racks. This gives you easy access to everything, and keeps your space clutter-free.

Video & Television

Having the right video setup in your home makes all the difference when watching shows or playing games. We offer a wide range of options for your budget and lifestyle, from wall-mounted TV screens to projectors. Our design team makes sure whatever viewing hardware we install perfectly fits your space, and we have indoor and outdoor options for all your viewing pleasure. 

Home Theater

Have you ever dreamed of having a home theatre? Now’s your chance! From designing the room layout to installing the perfect technology for you and your home, City AV has got you covered. We want your space to be comfortable and inviting every time you sit down to watch a movie. Choose between flat-screen TV’s and high-definition projectors and outfit the space with surround sound for the perfect viewing experience every time.


SONOS speakers are designed with listening in mind. Made specifically to make the listening experience as excellent as possible, SONOS speakers are engineered for great acoustics no matter what you’re playing--or where. Sonos makes it easy to connect multiple speakers to the same system, and to expand your system any time you want. Control it all within the app for convenience, and custom fit your whole home to listen the way you want. At City AV, we’ll help you set up and connect your SONOS speakers, custom arranged to fit your preferences. With SONOS, you can stream music, movies, TV, and more at the touch of a button. You can group rooms or play from individual speakers. Home theater options and virtual assistant connections are also available

City AV offers SONOS’s eight speakers for full customization: five smart speakers, two soundbars, a television sound system, and a subwoofer.

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